Welcome, I am Eddie (or Vincent, if you happen upon an older post or comment) and this is The Fuzzy Skeletonian, my semi-personal art blog.  I refer to it as “semi-personal” because I am, after all, sharing all of this on the Interhole in hopes of receiving a little feedback every now and then.  Feel free to chime in if the mood moves you.

     I am in the process of exploring and developing the concept of my Fuzzy Skeletonian, in whatever form or forms the crazy bastards end up taking.  I also plan to post my other artworks here and write a few words about them.  I will be posting both new and old creations at my whim.  I am most active here during the month of October, with sporadic postings throughout the year and I often take a sabbatical during the summer months.

     Thanks for taking an interest and feel free to see the other tabs for more information.

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