Mr. Swampy and the end of OPG 2012

     Well here it is, my final post of the month!  I have Mr. Swampy here to greet you with his green, swampy goodness.  I had almost forgotten about this guy until I went through all my art-stuffs at the beginning of the month.  This guy kinda grows on you I think.  He’s got this cryptic ambiguity about him, all mossy and mysterious.

     This pretty much wraps things up for my 2nd Annual Octoberween-Palooza-Ganza.  I know this wasn’t the most exciting OPG I’ve ever done but I at least got new original artworks posted each and everyday for your viewing enjoyment.  ALSO ALSO ALSO, don’t forget:  If you participated you have the right to put me to work for you on a commission of your choosing.  Check out my original statement from the beginning of the month for full details.

     I hope you had a great Octoberween and I wish you the spookiest Halloween ever!  Thanks for stopping by : )

blot faces 3 of 3, book of the dead

     Okay, folks.  Here’s the final blot faces from the initial run of the first three I ever completed.  As you may recall, I had a little trouble getting the right amount of paint transfer time correct with the first two.  It was either too little or too much, resulting in only one of the sides turning out decently.  I guess what they say about the third time being the charm has more than a little truth to it.  Check out the dry side:

     Not too bad, eh?  At first, I thought I had simply repeated what I had accomplished with this one but then I looked at the wet side:
     Dang!  Now doesn’t that remind you A LOT of ye olde Necronomicon!?  I know that’s the first thing that jumped to mind when I saw it.  A quick Google search revealed that mine looks a tad happier than most but you have to admit the resemblance is undeniable.  The blood vessel effect from the sandwiching worked particularly well with this color to achieve that nasty human skin/leather texture.  In short, I am just tickled to death about this one : D

     Okay, okay.  I’ll stop gushing over my own artwork and let you enjoy it for yourself.  If you’d like to see all of my blot faces together just follow the “wet/dry sandwich” tag below.  Thanks for stopping by.

blot faces 2 of 3

     Here’s the second installment of my blot faces.  Obviously, I allowed too much time for the paint transfer on this one but there’s still some interest here I think.  Kind of a smeary, swampy, blurry, nightmarish quality to the whole thing.  The face is fairly recognizable but still pretty obliterated, especially on the wet/bottom side.

     Stay tuned, I’ll have the third and final blot face here in a day or two.

blot faces 1 of 3

     This was among the first three wet/dry sandwich paintings I did.  I call them my “blot faces” because that what I did after I laid the dry side on top of the wet.  I took a crumpled paper towel and blotted the back side, applying pressure here and there and everywhere to transfer the paint.  I used the least amount of pressure and blotting on this one and, while the face didn’t transfer very clearly onto the wet side, I really love how the dry side turned out.  That mud spattered, bloody look really sells it for me!

     Well, I hope my OPG efforts have been worth your time so far.  As always, thanks for taking an interest.

sandwich painting and bloody skulls

     I can’t tell you how much fun I’ve had with this technique!  It all begins with something like this, where I lay down some thick wet lines and let it dry completely.  Next, I slather on a buncho paint on another blank sheet of watercolor paper.  Then, BLAMO, I put the dry on top of the wet and apply pressure.  With these two, I applied A LOT of pressure, squeezing as much of the excess paint out from between them as I could.  I made a big mess but it was TOTALLY worth it!  Not to mention pretty damn exciting as well : D

     You know, in a lot of ways I like being a mostly untrained artist.  I mean, discovering things like this on my own makes it all the more special to me.  Enjoy!