Jack-O-Melon 2012!

     Okay, so I bought a buncha fountains again and crammed them into my Jack-O-Melon for this year’s festivities.  I did one with six fountains going off sequentially and another attempting to have all six fountains go off simultaneously.  One lasts a little longer than the other but in the end I couldn’t decide which one I liked better so here’s both of them for your viewing pleasure:

     Here’s last year’s video if you like to compare and contrast all the subtleties and nuances.  Hope you had a good 4th!


(I know I know, I’ll get this ding-dang blog back in shape here soon.  I’ve hit a few snags lately.  Bear with me.)

Jack-O-Melon 2011!

     Since both 4th of July and Halloween are my two favorite holidays, this year I decided to combine the two by carving me a watermelon and jamming some fireworks in it, like so:

     Now before you say, “Oh no, mister! That was a PUMPKIN!”, watch it one more time and pay special attention to the beginning when I’m lighting it. After the fuse is lit and I move away you can see the brief flash of watermelon green as my flashlight passes over the front of the jack-o-melon.  That brilliant Halloween orange is all from the fireworks, baby!  That was two small fountains called “Tequila Sunrise”.  I’m gonna buy 50 of them next year : >

     Anyway, I hope your 4th was pretty dang awesome and thanks for stopping by, you crazy kids!