Perception of Pain and The Fuzzy Skeletonian

     I am pleased to announce that I am working with a newly formed band from Calgary, Canada called Perception of Pain.  Head on over and check them out!  They are interested in artwork for their merch sales that depicts pain and suffering.  Not exactly sure why they chose my style of art…

…but I guess life can surprise and mystify you at times : )

     I’ll keep you crazy kids posted as things progress here at The Fuzzy Skeletonian!

dem bones

     Pretty neat, huh?  I’m very impressed with this oven-bake clay.  Super easy to work with.  It goes from soft modeling clay to a semi-flexible wood-like state after baking.  You can even add soft clay to the baked clay and bake it again and it all fuses together with no shrinkage that I’ve been able to detect.  In short, great great stuff.

     I’ve got all the major parts done, save the hands and feet.  The next step is figuring out the fuzzy connective tissue.  I have a few ideas but they’re going to take time and experimentation to perfect.  Stay tuned, campers!

Fuzzy Skeletonians and the circle of life

     Beware mortals!  What you see is the beginning of the first real 3-D Fuzzy Skeletonian to enter our plane of existence!  The scale I’m working on right now is more the bite-your-toes-off-and-laugh-while-you’re-screaming size of Fuzzy Skeletonian but I hope to bring these guys to full rip-your-arm-off-and-beat-you-with-a-bloody-stump scale in the future but that may be a while coming simply due to cost of materials.

     What I’m envisioning at present are highly detailed Fuzzy Skeletonian figurines fit for collecting.  Working in 3-D is also going to allow me to literally start building my Fuzzy Skeletonian Army!  World domination is only a matter of time now, bitches!!

     I must say, it feels good to be working with clay again.  Never thought I’d see the day.  Until I started messing around with this stuff I’d almost forgotten the ceramics classes I took in college.  I guess my dream of being a ceramic sculptor never really died, it just laid dormant for a while.  After all these years the sneaky little bastard gave me quite the pleasant surprise!  Fuckin’ life.  It has a way of circling around and giving you back what you thought you’d lost.

Stripe struggles, Horror With Training Wheels

(The following artworks were created as part of my participation in Horror With Training Wheels over at Guts and Grog Reviews.  See the original appearances here.)

     My inspiration for the following pieces was from the very end of Gremlins when Stripe’s skeletal remains pop up out of the fountain.  It seems my two favorite moments come from the beginning and end of the film (the second being the hilarious, teary-eyed monologue of the poor girl relating the story of her dumb-ass father’s attempt to come down the chimney dressed as Santa).  Anyway, I ended up with three artworks.  Enjoy!

     My first impulse was to draw Stripe’s skeletal remains in my signature Fuzzy Skeletonian style.

     I wasn’t quite satisfied with this so I moved on to painting which produced something much more like “Stripe: Demon From Hell.”  This version ended up with much more energy than the previous take.

     Still, I felt restless with my efforts and started to get discouraged so I turned to my ever-reliable cynicism and got all Andy Warhol on this bitch.  I reduced the screen cap I was working from down to a 4 color gray scale and printed it out on some watercolor paper.  After a liberal application of red paint and some dry brush to accentuate the eyes I ended up with a bloody soulless homage to commercialism.  Andy would be proud.

     Well, that about wraps this up.  Thanks to Tromeric for inviting me to participate and giving me a little something to focus my artwork on.  Despite my bitching I enjoyed working on these pieces : )

     Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to check out the avalanche of amazing content that Horror With Training Wheels has turned into!

pissed off cocks and how I roll on commissions


     As promised, here’s the aforementioned pissed off cock commission.  I completed this in the same nose bleed style as all of my giveaway pieces from this past year’s OPG.  Same markers, same watercolor, same everything.

     I must say it was interesting to do a close-up of just a fuzzy skeletonian cock.  It was also interesting to find that mailing this off wasn’t as difficult as I would have imagined in the past.  I think it was because I was following someone else’s basic concept and, therefore, didn’t feel a great amount of ownership of the piece once it was finished.  All in all, I was very glad to go through the process.

     If you’re curious about my new commission policy here’s a brief summary until I get the actual page up:

1.  Tell me what you’d like:  Size, basic idea, maybe give examples, citing from what’s already on my blog.  Based on the size and complexity I’ll give you an estimate on cost.

2.  I’ll brainstorm a bit and come up with a prototype idea piece for you to evaluate.

3.  Once you give me the go ahead, I’ll take the obligatory artistic liberties and finish the piece.  I’ll stick to the size, orientation and basic idea but I will likely take liberties with the a lot of the final details.

4.  I’ll send you a scan of the finished piece and you can decide at that point if you still want to pay for it or if you’d like me to try again.

     That’s the basic process at the moment.  I’ll go into more detail when I get the actual commissions page all fleshed out.  Thanks for stopping by.

new banner

     I’ve been meaning to do this for a while but I’ve been busy with getting distracted lately (you know how that goes).  Anyhow, Jesse over at ZOMBIE BITES modified one of my OPG banners from this past October by adding a pretty cool glowing effect to it and I thought I’d share in case you were in the market for a new banner:

     Thanks Jesse!

crawling skitter nom


     Here’s my latest dry erase effort.  He seems to be crawling across the floor like a cheap special effect.  He’s all like, “skitter skitter skitter nom nom nom” until the the batteries in the remote control car underneath him run out of juice.

     Meh, kinda in a low key mood tonight.  Looking forward to having the next two weekends off.  A little rest and normality is a good thing.  Take it easy peeps, you guys rule.

precious energy



     Well, work is slammin’ me again.  I’m in the middle of a 13 day week and it SUUUUUUUCKS!  You know, I don’t ask for too much from life.  I mean, seriously, is having my weekends free without having to burn valuable vacation days that hard to achieve!?

     Anyway, I apologize if I’ve been aloof, flat, absent or otherwise not my usual self lately.  Hopefully, I’ll be back to my usual shenanigans as the holiday breaks restore my precious precious energy.

Fuzzy Giveaway 2011!

     The Fuzzy Skeletonian Insane Mega-Giveaway is officially closed and the good news is all three of you who signed up and participated in this year’s Octoberween-Palooza-Ganza are GUARANTEED to receive your very own Fuzzy Skeletonian orginal artwork!

     The EVEN BETTER news is that you will have a little say in which of my fuzzy fellas you receive!  I know I originally stated that it would be a random giveaway but since there are a whole ten skellies up for adoption and only three of you signed up, I’ve decided give you all a chance to state your preference.

     So, what I need from each of you is to take one more look at all ten and then email me with the names of three (3) you wouldn’t mind receiving.  Please don’t tell me your favorite or list them in order of preference (I don’t need that kind of pressure, man!), just the three names in no particular order.  Also, don’t forget to include your current mailing address.  If you don’t happen to have a preference or would rather be surprised, please state that in your email.

     In the end, everyone will still receive only ONE original artwork but at least this way you will have some say in the matter.  So, let me know as soon as you have a moment.  I will, of course, wait for all three emails before I mail anything off.

     Thanks again for all your comments and taking the time to actually participate in my OPG!

bloody gore and insanity



     Does this guy look insane or what?  Not as insane as Mr. Gable’s Countdown To Insanity this month but still pretty insane.  This painting was done earlier this year and I must say I’m rather proud of the brain matter on this dude.  I had initially painted blood vessels and was going to lay the red on top of them and allow them to bleed through.  I was working rather wet and they not only bled through but they simply became dark swirls amidst the red paint.  This ended up being a pretty happy accident, as I was able to manipulate the swirls into what you see now.  Makes for a pretty gory effect and I couldn’t be more pleased!  I’ll have to do this on purpose in the future when I want more bloody bloody gore gore.

     Well the month is winding to a close and so far I have only one person officially eligible for the giveaway.  I know it’s been a busy this month for everyone but you still have time to complete your entry into the giveaway.  As long as your blog post is dated no later than October 31st it qualifies, and I’m not going to be a Nazi about the quality of your content.  You can just post a picture of candy corn and type “Trick or Treat, smell my feet, give me a free Fuzzy Skeletonian and Vincent’s an asshole for making me do this!”  Seriously, folks.  It’s that easy.

     Tune in tomorrow and I will share a nightmare with you.

meat brain

     This is the final piece I completed from this series of three.  While I think breakthrough was the most dramatic, I think this guy ended up the most interesting.  Even though I deliberately tried to be disgusting with hairy blood drip, I think this guy succeeded much more in that regard.  I think it’s his bloody vagina nose hole and the fuzzy, bloody attachments of the intruding bones into his cheeks.

     Wow, can you believe we’re on the final seven days of October!?  Where does the time go?  I guess this is a good time to remind anyone interested in the Fuzzy Skeletonian Insane Mega-Giveaway to get signed up and figure out what you’re going to post by the end of the month.

happy accidents and goofy skellies


     These two ended up being an awkward pair of companion pieces when one of my wet/dry sandwiches went awry.  The face didn’t transfer over to the other side, as I had used up all of my first batch of chunky, Crayola slurry prior to starting on this venture.  While I think the face side turned out pretty well, the other side ended up being more of a background than a finished work so I took the hint and painted my goofy, bad-day skellie on top of it.  Ended up being a learning experience and the first time I created a background before the main subject of the work.

red eyes

     If this guy looks familiar, there’s a reason.  He used to look like this before I Herman Munstered him up with all the green.  Also, that chunky looking red in the eyes is plain old Crayola watercolor.  Yes, the dry ovals of pigment that you can buy in the school supplies section of any grocery store.  I know, right?  They’ve become a staple for my paintings of late, as the chunkiness works really well for my wet/dry sandwich paintings, but I digress.

     At first I had reservations at the thought of changing the simple thick, dark lines of the original brush work but I just couldn’t resist the urge to fill in those eyes with red and pull some of the black around them into the center to create the effect you see now.  I really love manipulating the swirls in wet paint!  All in all, I think I developed this guy into something more than he was before.