weird energy

     You must be all like, “What the hell, man!?  Changing to this brand new FUCKING AWESOME header AND changing the blog title without an explanation!!??!!”  Well I gotta tell ya, it’s all about this weird energy that’s been driving me lately.

     I mean, did you know there can be a PURPOSE to life?  A reason for trying?  I thought I had it all figured out a few years ago.  Thought life was meaningless, pointless, a random existence bereft of coherence and understanding.  Then I got back into my art.  In the years since then I’ve had fun with my art, gotten inspired by other artists, old and new and come to realize that my art is truly a part of me that I cannot deny.

     This new clarity of purpose and the accompanying motivation has resulted in a positive, negative, swirling, weird energy that’s got me producing art almost everyday (I’m even posting to Twitter and shit).  I’m also out of my mind with fear.  Having dreams and goals for the future is not what I’m used to.  I’ve spent almost all of my adult life in an angry, protective, nihilistic, defeatism and having hope for the future is a very strange and scary thing for me now.  However, amidst the fear and weirdness, things are starting to become clear here and there, like my new header.

     The new header (and blog title) is really more of a head-ING for me to travel towards.  I’ve decided that the concept of the Fuzzy Skeletonian needs to be pursued in earnest, explored fully, with an eye towards bringing it to an eventual mature completion before I die.  I decided Torso Man (a.k.a Fuzzy Skeletonian #1) should lead the way with his fuzzy fuzzy torso of power!  I’ve also been cranking out more and more Fuzzy Skeletonian crumple drawings like the one you see above.  I’ve got a stack nearly a foot tall that grows everyday!

     I hope the future brings good things to my art.  I hope my art brings good things to the future.  And I hope I keep my head and don’t fall to my fears.  Finally, in closing, welcome to The Fuzzy Skeletonian.  I am your host, Vincent.

bloody teeth and Neil Diamond

     Been wanting to post this guy ever since I finished him but I can get REALLY distracted and lazy sometimes.  Anyway, here he is for your viewing pleasure.  As I recall, this was one from a batch of red eye pieces I cranked out while still buzzed from wine with dinner and jamming out to some old Neil Diamond (the really good shit:  Hot August Night, BBC Top of the Pops and Gold).  Man, what a crazy epic night that was.  I was so full of energy and just plain fearless!  Paint was flyin’ and guys like this were appearing before me.  Sigh.  I miss those days…

     Feh, I guess you can’t always be inspired and happy in your work.  Gotta have some malaise to make you appreciate the good times I guess.

the visible human skull

Here’s a more recent example of what my drawing style has evolved into.  Originally done in my 30’s, this is simply black Sharpie markers on some 65 lb. sketchbook paper.  After scanning it, I reduced the colors and edited the values to create a more dramatic contrast (the white is pure white and the black pure black).  The model for this composition was the late Joseph Paul Jernigan, the man who agreed to donate his body to science and was chosen for The Visible Human Project in 1993.  I worked from the image of his skull in the New Atlas of Human Anatomy based on the aforementioned project.  Naturally, I took some artistic liberties.

This was in the midst of a creative burst I got simply from using brand new black markers on some brand new white paper.  Funny how inspiration can be so simple.  Like a little kid with a new toy, I was a man in my 30’s going nuts with my markers.  I think I sensed that at the time and sat myself down in front of Jernigan’s skull to prove to myself that I could create a composition based on a concrete, real image.  So much of what I was doing at the time was relatively wild, uninhibited stuff, conceptually different from what you see here (although the fuzzy hairs and other embellishments are the same).  Anyway, I’ve rambled on long enough.  Just thought I’d post something from my adult years instead of dwelling on my past so much.