13 days a week (FSR #7)

     No, I’m not dead but my soul bleeds at the thought of the 13 day work week ahead of me.  With any luck I’ll take a header into one of the machines at work and get to stay home on sweet sweet disability.  No, I don’t have any cheese to go with this whine.

     On the art supplies front, I gots me some new paint brushes and some SA-WEEEET Japanese markers with super-fine tips and one of them also has a brush tip which is very very cool.  I am so hooked!

     While I am running a bit low on inspiration, I have at least knocked out what you see above.  I’ve also inked the newest work in my Octoberween-Palooza-Ganza efforts.  Colorization to follow in the not too distant future.

fuzzy skeletonians redux #5

     Here’s my latest.  Still getting Halloween out of my system…  or maybe I’m just missing it.  Yeah, I’m missing it (sigh).  Sheesh, I’m pathetic.

     Anyway, this skellie seems to be dancing.  And smiling.  And having a good time.  What the hell, man!?  I seem to be losing my morbidity or some shit.  I must be fluxing.  Meh.

fuzzy skeletonians redux #4


     Much like the undead creatures it depicts, this damn redux series just won’t die (god, I hate typing that subject line!).  Anyway, thanks to God, Greyhound and Tim Thomerson my drawing/painting hand is feeling just fine and here’s my latest, hot off the scanner.

     Maybe I’m just flattering myself but I think this fuzzy skellie in particular is the most badass of the redux series thus far.  I was very happy to be creating something new for the final stretch of Octoberween and I put my enthusiasm to work, giving this guy all the energy I could.

     Tune in tomorrow for my latest watercolor creation.  Woot!

fuzzy skeletonians redux #3

     More of a skully than a skellie, Bonehead here was drawn using seventeen different types of llamas.  Or maybe it was just three different shades of gray markers and two sizes of black markers.  I’ll let you decide.

     As for content, perhaps the bones on either side of the skull are depicting the self-imposed pressure that I have on myself this month.  I know that sounds a bit like whining but I’m going to keep up the pace, as I find it interesting that I am able to apply a kind of work ethic to my artwork lately.  This is something I’ve never really had the desire to do before and it sheds a new light on possibilities regarding my life as an artist.

     Enough about me.  I hope Bonehead has brought a little fuzzy light into your fine October day.  Thanks and enjoy.

fuzzy skeletonians redux #2

     This skellie ended up being a bit more fleshy than what I usually draw.  He also seems to be happily doing aerobics or some shit.  What the hell, man!?  I just drew this yesterday, so hell if I know what’s going on with it.

     There’s more to come in this series.  Stay tuned as I continue to square off with Octoberween.

fuzzy skeletonians redux #1

     Our hero, Kung Fu Skellie, leaps through the fuzzy opening of the cave and readies himself for battle!  Confronted by his adversary, he assumes the stance of his chosen Hairy Bone style!  The fuzzy opening of the cave suddenly becomes moist and begins to close in around him and…  and…

     And I think it’s quite obvious what the central theme of this drawing is.  I’m nothing if not consistent.

     Anyway, here’s my latest series.  It’s nothing too ground breaking for me but I wanted to revisit my fuzzy skellies because I enjoy drawing them and I wanted to continue working with my new gray tones.  I’m not sure how long this current run will last but I have at least one more after this one.  I’ll keep posting them as long as they keep coming to me.