red teeth and the Jernigan skull

     With this guy I think I was remembering a little of what I accomplished way back when with Jernigan’s skull.  The similarities being mainly the fuzzy seams between the bones of the skull and, I guess, the profile orientation.

     I was going to mention there was about ten years between this guy and the Jernigan skull.  Then I began thinking about whether or not I’ve made ten years worth of progress.  Now I’m sitting here wondering if I really care about the answer to that question.

one-eyed dad bastard

     This is one of several crumples where I deliberately drew lines to either side of the one eye to emulate my father’s eye patch strap just to see how it felt.  It felt forced but I also think it adds a bit of realism for me.  Helps me keep in mind what I’m trying to confront when a Fuzzy Skeletonian emerges on the page.

bug-eyed fear, a shallow examination

     Well, I finally got around to posting this.  As previously mentioned, this was the drawing that gave me the heebie-jeebies the very same evening that I completed it.  I attempted to approximate the lighting and point of view that creeped me out with this photo:

     I imagine this photo doesn’t do justice to what I was feeling that night.  I’m sure it was more my vulnerable state of mind more than the image itself that caused the fear reaction.  Or perhaps they got it right with the character of Mark Lewis in Peeping Tom (1960), “Do you know what the most frightening thing in the world is?  It’s fear.”

     And what is fear, exactly?  I guess that’s a big part of what makes it so frightening…  I don’t know.  I feel like I’m just tossing this off so I don’t have to think too much about it.  Maybe I’m just protecting myself.

     On the subject of creation trivia, this seems to be the second of my long-necked or rubber-necked fuzzy skeletonians of late, as you may recall.

     Last of all, don’t forget to check out this if you’re looking for something to do this coming Saturday.  I’ll be there yuckin’ it up with everybody else so stop on by and enjoy the fun!

crawling skitter nom


     Here’s my latest dry erase effort.  He seems to be crawling across the floor like a cheap special effect.  He’s all like, “skitter skitter skitter nom nom nom” until the the batteries in the remote control car underneath him run out of juice.

     Meh, kinda in a low key mood tonight.  Looking forward to having the next two weekends off.  A little rest and normality is a good thing.  Take it easy peeps, you guys rule.

blood brain

     Drawn in between fire woman and brain fire,  it took me a little while to warm up to this one.  I went ahead and put some finishing touches on it tonight and deemed it worthy of posting.  I guess I wasn’t real wild about this one when I first worked on it due to the fact that it felt like work.  I basically had to draw this twice.  I laid down the basic shapes with one of my gray tone markers and then went back over it with the black, fuzzy stuff.  No one to blame but myself but that’s never stopped me from getting cranky before.  Oh well, maybe I was trying to tell myself something.

obstructed view

     Here’s my latest nose bleed stuff.  This is too fresh for me to say anything insightful about but I’m guessing the obstructed view of the eyeball might have something to do with the floater I’ve had in my left eye for about a year now.  It’s like having a permanent piece of lint floating around inside your eyeball.  The eye doctor said it was a pretty common occurrence for near-sighted eyes.  I can at least take comfort that it won’t happen in my far-sighted right eye (not kidding).  When getting my prescription filled I was once told by the office tech who was copying down my prescription onto the form for the glasses that it reminded them of a test question they once had in school.  I believe them too.  My left lens is concave and the right convex, making one eye look smaller than the other.  Sheesh, I’m surprised they’re both the same color!

     And I’ve just rambled on for a whole fucking paragraph.  I’ll shut the hell up now.  Thanks for stopping by Vincent’s Handmade Eyeballs.

hot head

     I think I’m getting more comfortable with this whole color thing.  I recently bought some fine point markers with a little broader range of colors.  Hopefully I’ll be able to reign all this in and start getting closer to producing the vivid images I have floating around in my head.

     I’ve also decided to tentatively name this new, developing style “nose bleed” since that’s the drawing that started it all.

muppet eyeball head

     Here’s my latest watercolor creation.  Yes, it’s watercolor paint.  Yes, I know I tried to make it look like a Sharpie marker.  I wimped out a little but I got some good practice in.  It takes a lot of care to get the kind of lines you want with a wet brush.  I remember back in college, when I had dreams of being this great ceramic artist/sculptor, I used to think that 2D compositions were for posers.  I had particular disdain for painters but now, every time I pick up a brush, my respect for them grows and grows.  Not only respect but an increased understanding of what makes painting so alluring.

     This is truly a wonderful and complex medium to work with, as such, it’s a little intimidating which is why I limited myself to only black and to a very familiar subject matter and style for this composition.  I do like the new level of fuzzy effects I was able to create with a brush.  In contrast to the coarser hairs I produce with a marker, a brush goes beyond fuzzy in the realm of full-on furry.  Like muppet levels of furry.  I mean just look at this guy, he’s almost lovable with his wispy eyelashes and tufts of fur! (The original looks better, as I had unusual amounts of difficultly with the scanning process this time around.)

     Well, I’ll stop jabbering now.  Thanks for joining me in my painting experiment.