crazy cats

     Here’s some quick, cat cuties from my past.  This is a sample grab off of one of the three pages that were in between this and this, believe it or not.  I’ve always been a cat person so they tend to creep into my work in one way or another.  I’m all like, “Death, skeletons, death, insanity… Aww!  Lookit da cute kittehs!  Puking, porn, death, porn, porn…”


     This was done shortly after we got our dumbest cat to date, Simon.  Half cat, half dog, half badger and all animal, baby.  Most cats have a personality that transcends the animal and makes you think of them as a cute little member of the household but not Simon.  He operates solely on instinct; running around, eating, sleeping, pooping, barfing, eating some more and whining when he doesn’t get enough attention.  He’s no mystery at all, as his one brain cell can only do so much.  The one thing that does make him unique and/or remarkable in our household is that he’s the first cat we’ve ever had that has a scorpion-like twitch to his tail when he’s excited.  I attempted to capture that with this sketch.

sans whiskers

     A quick cat sketch from my 20’s.  I just realized I didn’t even bother with whiskers.  I think this was an assignment for Drawing I or some shit from college.  Not much sincere content here, just trying to impress the teacher.  I did draw all this from memory though, no actual cat was involved (I guess the absence of whiskers was a giveaway).  Back when my youthful optimism was driving me to work on my technique, use different hardnesses of pencils and draw cutesy, positive images.  Bleah.