As an artist I truly believe that art simply cannot exist in a vacuum.  It must be shared, there must be an audience and, most importantly, there must be a reaction.  In the midst of anyone’s reaction to an artwork is where art lives.  Art is not a painting, a drawing or a sculpture.  It’s not a poem, a novel or a movie.  It isn’t a stage play, interpretive dance or a piece of music.  While all of these things can be involved in the phenomenon and are essential parts that create the greater whole they are not, in themselves, art.

     Art is a moment of feeling.  An intangible, raw, uncontrollable, sometimes fleeting feeling.  That moment when you connect and experience an artwork or art form and, in that moment, you react.  It doesn’t matter what your reaction is.  When you can’t help yourself, when you react and become sincerely involved in the artwork that’s when art truly exists.

     This is why I’m here.  If I am to make such a statement, I must follow my own advice and share what I have to offer as an artist.  I hope my artworks will make you react.  I hope you will remember what I create here.  Finally, whether you hate it, love it or have any reaction in between you are free to speak your mind.  I’m attempting to honestly share what I have with you and I wouldn’t expect you to be any less honest in your reaction.

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