red line through me & Perception of Pain

     Rediscovered this guy tonight.  Like the look in his eyes.  This is one of a series of Sharpie drawings I’m doing on what turned out to be some pretty crappy watercolor paper.  Well, I suppose it’s really more a matter of taste.  If you happen to ENJOY painting on a material that is basically thick paper towel then I guess it would be the PERFECT watercolor paper for you.  For me, I’ll be sticking with the Strathmore from now on.

     In other news, I have officially licensed some artwork to Perception of Pain.  Speaking of which, they will be playing a gig this Tuesday, February 4th in Calgary.  If you’re in the area definitely stop on by and give a listen!!

     Thanks for taking a look and have a good week : )

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About Eddie

     I am a California-born artist currently stuck in the midwest, United States.  All images appearing within this blog (unless otherwise noted) are reduced quality, often digitally enhanced, scans or photos of the original artworks and are protected under my copyright.  Copyright does not extend to follower icons and any banners advertising other blogs or websites, of course.  Furthermore, the term "Fuzzy Skeletonian" and all creations tagged or titled as such are also protected under my copyright.

4 thoughts on “red line through me & Perception of Pain

  1. Sorry to hear of Watercolor paper woes. :-( It does seem to flatten out the skele here. Supplies are tricky. Like Strathmore papers, I’ve tried to find alternatives to Berol Prismacolor pencils over the years, but nothing compares. It always ends up disappointing. Congrats again on the Perception of Pain licensing! :-D

  2. Love the logo you did for the band – congrats!

    It’s too bad you don’t like doing your art on a thick paper towel. Bounty would probably be a lot cheaper ;)

  3. I kind of stick with Strathmore when it comes to my heavy duty papers, but I don’t do a lot of watercolor work. If I paint it is usually acrylic on canvas and all my ink work is on bristolboard or high quality laser color copy paper – I find it takes pen, ink, and graphite equally well. :-)

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