one-eyed dad bastard

     This is one of several crumples where I deliberately drew lines to either side of the one eye to emulate my father’s eye patch strap just to see how it felt.  It felt forced but I also think it adds a bit of realism for me.  Helps me keep in mind what I’m trying to confront when a Fuzzy Skeletonian emerges on the page.

2 thoughts on “one-eyed dad bastard

  1. Everything about this is superb, including the title. I’m probably going to make a donation this time around as opposed to creating a bore-fest of a halloween post. I’m long overdue to donate anyway. I think you know I love your work though, and if I ever won the lottery you would get a fat donation that would be well deserved.

  2. Makes sense that you would also like the title. I think you’ve mentioned in the past that what I’ve described of my father also reminds you of yours. Also, please win the lottery soon :D

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