Mr. Big Teeth and the end of OPG 2013: CruMpLe MaNiA!!

     Fwharrr!  Haven’t had much sleep the past two days and I’m feelin’ it :P  Anyway, thought I’d end the month strong with Mr. Big Teeth here.  I got all feathery-fuzzy with his hair too.  He’s almost wolfing out on me here!

     I hope you enjoyed CruMpLe MaNiA!! and if you want to slide in under the bell you have until the end of today to participate and get yourself some ding-dang artstuffs!

     Well,  that about wraps it up for this years OPG.  Thanks for taking an interest and I hope you have wonderfully horrific Halloween!!

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     I am a California-born artist currently stuck in the midwest, United States.  All images appearing within this blog (unless otherwise noted) are reduced quality, often digitally enhanced, scans or photos of the original artworks and are protected under my copyright.  Copyright does not extend to follower icons and any banners advertising other blogs or websites, of course.  Furthermore, the term "Fuzzy Skeletonian" and all creations tagged or titled as such are also protected under my copyright.

3 thoughts on “Mr. Big Teeth and the end of OPG 2013: CruMpLe MaNiA!!

  1. I hate that I’ve been MIA during OPG this year. I’m not sure how that happened, and I regret it! I just caught up with all the crumple mania, and you did some very fine work this month, my friend. Keep it coming!

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