banners, groveling and peen

     There’s a couple of things I’ve been dragging my feet on and completely forgetting about, respectively.  Namely, the following:

     First of all, Jesse Campbell over at ZOMBIE BITES has picked up my banner-making slack (this wasn’t even the first time!) and created the nifty banner you see to the left for OPG 2013: CruMpLe MaNiA!!  The very act of which is incredibly generous and forgiving of him especially considering the complete lack of support I’ve given him over the better part of a year or more.  His artistic efforts over the last couple of years have reached levels I am still struggling to attain and I truly admire his persistence and courage.  Take a minute to stop on by and offer your support in comments or donations.  He’s really thrown himself into his work and deserves reward for his efforts.

     Secondly, holy moly crap!!  Can you believe I almost forgot the OCTOBER WEEN for this year’s Octoberween-Palooza-Ganza!!?!  Herp derp, Ed!  It’s an O-PG not a PG, you dumbass!  Anyway, here it is, freshly drawn in full crumple style:

     This crumple is also fair game for anyone participating in this year’s OPG if you like your artwork filled with bloody, fuzzy peen.  As always, thanks for stopping by.

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About Eddie

     I am a California-born artist currently stuck in the midwest, United States.  All images appearing within this blog (unless otherwise noted) are reduced quality, often digitally enhanced, scans or photos of the original artworks and are protected under my copyright.  Copyright does not extend to follower icons and any banners advertising other blogs or websites, of course.  Furthermore, the term "Fuzzy Skeletonian" and all creations tagged or titled as such are also protected under my copyright.

2 thoughts on “banners, groveling and peen

  1. Awww Thanks. :-) Nice cRumpLeWeen BTW! And Dude, you’ve been super supportive – I have no idea what you’re talking about. Everybody has things – It’s a crazy time. I don’t get over here nearly enough to comment either, thus the banner. If I can’t make it here to check things out regularly, I’m certainly happy to advertise OPG!!! HUGGS.

    • You’re right. Thanks for the perspective. These past few months of me in my art fugue or sabbatical or whatever the fuck it was has got me all stirred up and I guess my judgement got a tad skewed.

      Anyhow, thanks again for the banner and advertising! I appreciate it : )

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