dem bones

     Pretty neat, huh?  I’m very impressed with this oven-bake clay.  Super easy to work with.  It goes from soft modeling clay to a semi-flexible wood-like state after baking.  You can even add soft clay to the baked clay and bake it again and it all fuses together with no shrinkage that I’ve been able to detect.  In short, great great stuff.

     I’ve got all the major parts done, save the hands and feet.  The next step is figuring out the fuzzy connective tissue.  I have a few ideas but they’re going to take time and experimentation to perfect.  Stay tuned, campers!

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5 thoughts on “dem bones

  1. Great sculpting! I’m very excited to see skeletonians going to the next level! This rocks! When I have cash I’m commissioning another piece! Can’t wait to see what ends up being the fuzzy! :-) If you’ve ever watched the show, Oddities, you should use your own body hair! There is a lady on that show who makes art out of strange things – like belly button lint

    • Thanks! I’m really enjoying the hands on creation of this guy. As for the fuzzy, I was already seriously thinking about using my beard hair. It’s got just the right level of fuzzy and coarseness that I’m looking for. Just need to grow it long, give it a good wash and dye it black. I think this guy will pop once I get him all fuzzy and detailed. The hardest part right now is waiting for my beard to get shaggy enough!

    • The raw look of the clay does have a nice brand new bone color to it but ultimately Fuzzy Skeletonians are alive, running around defiling and destroying things not hanging in a biology classroom. If all goes well the bones will have a nice filthy/bloody look to them when I’m done.

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