fuzzy tears and various hiccups

     Here’s my latest greatest painting project.  I call it a project because I’m not sure it’s done.  I may go back and add some more to this.  Maybe some thin-lined fiddly bits of some kind.

     Sorry for my absence of late.  Been having some personal (as well as blog) hiccups that have been disrupting me and and slowing me down in general.  I finally had a bit of an epiphany over the weekend that cleared a few things up for me and I think I’m on the mend.  Thanks for sticking with me.

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     I am a California-born artist currently stuck in the midwest, United States.  All images appearing within this blog (unless otherwise noted) are reduced quality, often digitally enhanced, scans or photos of the original artworks and are protected under my copyright.  Copyright does not extend to follower icons and any banners advertising other blogs or websites, of course.  Furthermore, the term "Fuzzy Skeletonian" and all creations tagged or titled as such are also protected under my copyright.

5 thoughts on “fuzzy tears and various hiccups

    • Thanks, and not to worry. I’ve identified some pretty large parts of my “hiccup” and I think I’m definitely on the path to sorting it all out logically with much less of the confusing emotional baggage that was crippling me.

      You have a good 2013 as well!

      • I hear ya man. Huggs across the board! 2012 was a hard relentless year and I’m glad it’s gone! Check out your horoscope for 2013 – Jupiter is entering your sign in June and that means big stuff! :-)

  1. I’m loving this as-is!

    Glad all is well. Was wondering where you were, but thought perhaps you were traveling for the holidays. Hope you got some snow! Best wishes for 2013.

    • You know, I’m thinking you’re right. Simpler is better. I best not pull a George Lucas and overwork/rework this thing.

      Thanks for stopping by and yes we got plenty of snow : ) I love it when the ground is covered in ice or snow. Then you know you’re going to get some serious cold temps and a real-ass winter unlike last year’s “extended Fall.”

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