Stripe struggles, Horror With Training Wheels

(The following artworks were created as part of my participation in Horror With Training Wheels over at Guts and Grog Reviews.  See the original appearances here.)

     My inspiration for the following pieces was from the very end of Gremlins when Stripe’s skeletal remains pop up out of the fountain.  It seems my two favorite moments come from the beginning and end of the film (the second being the hilarious, teary-eyed monologue of the poor girl relating the story of her dumb-ass father’s attempt to come down the chimney dressed as Santa).  Anyway, I ended up with three artworks.  Enjoy!

     My first impulse was to draw Stripe’s skeletal remains in my signature Fuzzy Skeletonian style.

     I wasn’t quite satisfied with this so I moved on to painting which produced something much more like “Stripe: Demon From Hell.”  This version ended up with much more energy than the previous take.

     Still, I felt restless with my efforts and started to get discouraged so I turned to my ever-reliable cynicism and got all Andy Warhol on this bitch.  I reduced the screen cap I was working from down to a 4 color gray scale and printed it out on some watercolor paper.  After a liberal application of red paint and some dry brush to accentuate the eyes I ended up with a bloody soulless homage to commercialism.  Andy would be proud.

     Well, that about wraps this up.  Thanks to Tromeric for inviting me to participate and giving me a little something to focus my artwork on.  Despite my bitching I enjoyed working on these pieces : )

     Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to check out the avalanche of amazing content that Horror With Training Wheels has turned into!

5 thoughts on “Stripe struggles, Horror With Training Wheels

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  2. Lovin’ the blood eyes in the first piece, but I really like that third image. It feels like we’re looking in on some blood red plain with everything smokey and red and where this type of entity is the dominant life form. Also I’m flashing back a little bit to the event horizon where the Cygnus is collapsing into The Black Hole. Maybe this guy fell to where all the blood from all the fuzzy skeletonians pools up into a sea and we’re seeing him underneath in the blood haze. Very nice. :-)

    • Wow, that’s quite a compliment! The main difference between the last one and the first two is that I didn’t think too much about it and finished it quickly. I guess I need to recognize when I’m fussing too much over stuff and just try to keep things simple.

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