OPG 2012 is gonna getcha!!

     Here’s some fresh off the press crumple for ya!  This is basically the spirit of what my Octoberween-Palooza-Ganza is going to be about this year:  Last minute and wingin’ that mother!  I’ll be doing the obligatory daily postings and I’ll try to throw in some other stuff to make it interesting.  Also, BANNERS BANNERS BANNERS will be made this weekend and will be available by October 1st to kick off the festivities.

     So hop on board and enjoy the ride in October.  I’ll try to be as nutty and impulsive as I can.  OPG 2012:  I’m wingin’ that mother!!

2 thoughts on “OPG 2012 is gonna getcha!!

  1. OPG Season is here! WAHOO!!!!! Wing it Brothah!

    This Fuzzy is gonna get me! AAAAA! He is VERY Eager.
    Here is a reandom thought / question: have you even done any of the backgrounds by painting on a crumpled sheet and applying it to another piece as a kind of ‘printmaking’ ? I just found myself caught by the crumples on this one and wondering of the possibilities.

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