Clint, Fuzzy Skeletonians and OPG 2012

     Okay, so I got this idea recently to create Unflattering Fuzzy Skeletonian Portraits for anyone who wants one.  I dove right into it and soon found that I needed to brush up on my portrait skills so I found an image of Clint Eastwood to work from (since the old crazy bastard practically IS a Fuzzy Skeletonian).  I sat down and tried my best to capture his features.  The man has a great angry face and an awesome skull so it was a pleasure to work with.  What you see above is what I feel to be the best of several attempts.

     I have to say this is not going to be as easy as I imagined but you have to start somewhere.  Making someone skeletal and still recognizable is going to be a challenge.  I don’t want to just draw a freakin’ zombie with some flesh stripped away.  Oi, that’s been done TO DEATH.  I want something like bones that look like flesh, flesh that looks like bones…  Gonna have to experiment and mull this over a bit.  I’ll keep you posted as I hopefully make progress on this project.

     Oh yeah, I do plan to have my usual OPG shenanigans and goings on in October but I don’t really have any clear plan of what I’m going to do besides daily postings.  Right now I just plan on wingin’ that mother just like the very first October on my blog.

     Speaking of blog events, don’t forget to head on over to She Blogged by Night and wish her a Happy Blogaversary!  This is also the final stretch of the Camp & Cult Blogathon, which ends this coming Friday.  Check it out if you haven’t already!

6 thoughts on “Clint, Fuzzy Skeletonians and OPG 2012

  1. When i first saw the pic i was like hey that’s Clint Eastwood! And then it was! And kinda funny cuz i watched dirty Harry last night. Look forward to more, i can only imagine Bruce Campbell skeletonian chin

  2. Clint really is practically a fuzzy skeletonian, haha. That man has been slowly getting more and more crypt keeper like over the years. Great job on the portrait, i knew who it was instantly without reading anything first. There’s a whole bunch of celebrities that could easily be skeletonized because they already look the part :D

    • Old celebrities (hell, ANY old people) would be the very best subjects to work with. My mind jumped to Burgess Meredith earlier when I was thinking about who’d be good candidates.

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