bleak bloody muddy

     This is among the more bleak and murky works from my red eye efforts.  Not that red eye is a particularly cheerful style in the first place but this one grabs my attention as something a tad more sinister than most.

     On a technical note, the scanning and subsequent post-scan tweaks really brought out the colors pretty well in this.  The yellows and touch of blue are much more apparent in digital form (even with the normal reduced color depth).  To the naked eye, however, this is more reminiscent of someone who’s had their face bloodied in a fight and then had said face stomped into a mud puddle.

     In other news, don’t forget to check out the The Camp & Cult Blogathon which starts today over at She Blogged by Night.  It promises to be a rowdy raunchy ride!  Don’t miss it!!

6 thoughts on “bleak bloody muddy

    • Hey dude. No problem on the lack of comments. I know how things can wax and wane. Glad you’re back : )

      And I would love it if they wanted my artwork in the remake (or ANY horror movie for that matter). I gotta get my art on the commission train. This 40 hour grind is gettin’ to me.

  1. That top layer of paint – the eyes/face – really jump out in a 3-D kind of way for me. Not sure if the digital format brought that out as well or not, but it looks cool.

    I’m a little late to the show, but I’m now off to investigate this Camp & Cult Blogathon you speak of.

  2. The flickering torchlight reveals a malevolent face in the rippled stone of the cave walls.

    I am completely in love with the layers in this piece. The murk of the textured background with the muddied black before it gives such distance to the red eyes in front. I feel that I could reach out and run my fingers across the ridges in the texture. Delicious! Love the drybrush on the eyes. :-)

    The muddiness in the piece also reminds me of the few times I’ve seen an ash stray get wet and spill. The darker edges almost look burnt. It evokes ashes and water and burning all at the same time. Good Job!

    • Thanks for the insights and compliments! I’m glad all of this came together. I just kinda throw these things together without much deliberate thought and hope my intuition is true. I truly appreciate the immediate insights from others. As I’ve often eluded to before, it would take me years to see these things on my own.

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