blow through, death and violence

     This was one of the many creations from a few months ago where I indulged the impulse to destroy and otherwise kill my various skeletonians, fuzzy and otherwise.  The background was done first and I decided to use the burst of red as a line of force, ripping this guy in two in the process.  I do love me my graphic violence.

     What about you?  How do YOU like your violence served?

7 thoughts on “blow through, death and violence

    • Thank you. At the time I thought maybe I should punch up the detail but I figured I was killing him anyway so whatever. In the end I think the more subtle (but unintentional) treatment works better.

  1. There is something in this piece that makes me think of that Medieval woodcut of the Danse Macabre with the grim reaper leading dancing skeletons through a graveyard. I suppose he is doing a sort of dance isn’t he. heh heh.

    I do like the eye x’s. I am really enjoying the chalky texture of the background vs. the solidity of the Skelly. This seems to be happening in a totally different emotional place than the regular Fuzzy Skeletonians.

    Is there a figure/face hidden in the center of the pelvic girdle?

    Personally I tend to enjoy gooey violence. There is something about a violent act being wet that brings it home for me. Makes my throat twitch involuntarily as if I were going to vomit. Probably why zombies freak me out. Shlorp Shlorp Shlorp Shlorp- Its the noise of the sloppy wet eating of brains.

    • Yes. All of the paintings where I start with a random sandwich background are definitely their own kind of unique animal. I like the fact that I can create an easy complex background but they are a much more complicated and ambiguous emotional space.

      As for the pelvic girdle, there was definitely nothing planned going on there but I can certainly see a face in there. Good eye!

  2. I’m with you on easy complex backgrounds. That kind of aesthetic is what I aim for in most of my abstract pieces. The visual interference the abstract background creates forces the eyes of the viewer to CHOOSE some form of space for the foreground to inhabit. Within that complex choice, everybody gets their own piece of art. Hail to the random sandwich background! :-)

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