Jack-O-Melon 2012!

     Okay, so I bought a buncha fountains again and crammed them into my Jack-O-Melon for this year’s festivities.  I did one with six fountains going off sequentially and another attempting to have all six fountains go off simultaneously.  One lasts a little longer than the other but in the end I couldn’t decide which one I liked better so here’s both of them for your viewing pleasure:

     Here’s last year’s video if you like to compare and contrast all the subtleties and nuances.  Hope you had a good 4th!


(I know I know, I’ll get this ding-dang blog back in shape here soon.  I’ve hit a few snags lately.  Bear with me.)

3 thoughts on “Jack-O-Melon 2012!

  1. I enjoyed this, especially since I saw no fireworks this year because it was too goddamn hot to go sit outside and watch any. I think I liked the intensity of the 2nd round a bit more. Was that a watermelon you used? I figure it must’ve been due to the size, although it didn’t look like a watermelon to me.

    • I’m glad I was able to provide you with some fireworks fun and, yes, that’s a watermelon. That’s was I love about that Tequila Sunrise fountain, it has such an intense orange fire in it that makes it perfect for this sort of thing. The melon also has such a high water content that it can’t help but glow and take on the color of the fountain.

  2. Lumpin Awesome! I do like in the shorter one you get a brief glimpse of the watermelon stripes. Maybe I’ve watched the movie too many times, but all I can ear is the HALLOWEEN theme playing. “The Fourth of Halloween, Michael Myers gets Patriotic!” I very much like the face this year! :-)

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