rubber necky and my vision

     Well this is what I do.  This is what I want to be known for.  This is my very latest fuzzy skeletonian.  He’s not the most ground-breaking creation I’ve ever completed but he’s very true to my vision of what a fuzzy skeletonian should look like.  That’s all I really wanted to say about this guy.

     On the subject of my site, you’ll notice I’ve changed my adult content warning page around a bit.  It seems the old configuration was interfering with my RSS feeds.  If you’ve been having trouble getting my feeds to work in your reader try it again.  It should work now.  Thanks for stopping by.

inhibited skully

     Here’s some early red eye.  Much like the developing style at the time, this guy seems a tad inhibited and meek.  Then again I guess there’s always a touch of that in my artwork.

     If you have a minute check out my New Gallery and let me know how you like it.  I’ve been experimenting with this default WordPress image gallery feature and it seems pretty promising.

Jack-O-Melon 2012!

     Okay, so I bought a buncha fountains again and crammed them into my Jack-O-Melon for this year’s festivities.  I did one with six fountains going off sequentially and another attempting to have all six fountains go off simultaneously.  One lasts a little longer than the other but in the end I couldn’t decide which one I liked better so here’s both of them for your viewing pleasure:

     Here’s last year’s video if you like to compare and contrast all the subtleties and nuances.  Hope you had a good 4th!


(I know I know, I’ll get this ding-dang blog back in shape here soon.  I’ve hit a few snags lately.  Bear with me.)