raging crumple

     Crazy crumple skellies for your desktop background are back on the market!  As I mentioned before, there may be individual close-ups of these guys in the future as well.

     This concludes the reposts.  I shall resume my normal programming without further hiccups.  Thanks for bearing with me folks!

5 thoughts on “raging crumple

  1. I’m seeing Tshirts and Placemats…y’know, for the kids. :-) Actually, If I could get a bowling shirt covered in these guys, I’d be all over that!!! Maybe checkerboard the inverts and the regulars. Seeexy! I love what the inversion does to the crumpling – Ghost crumples.

  2. I would totally wear a bowling shirt with this on it. ALWAYS. :-D

    Also this would make fantastic Hallowmas wrapping paper with some pretty black or red ribbon. mmmm…

    I apologoize for not being more in touch, but I noticed REposts. Did you lose some things in the transfer from blog to site? :-(

    • Nothing got irrevocably lost. I just hit a bit of a setback when I screwed up my initial WordPress installations. I had to do a fresh re-install and lost a few new posts. One advantage of this whole mess was when I did a fresh import of all my Blogger posts over to the new site the WordPress Blogger importer must’ve had a bug fix applied to it because all of the my old posts imported correctly and cleanly without that annoying > at the beginning of every subject line.

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