4 thoughts on “new pencil fuzzy

  1. If I recall correctly…it was the very fine faint lines in the yes and the teeth that caught my eye last time. Still very strong and dramatic in the repost! :-) I think also the pencil struck me as well. The texture of it gives the skeletonian a fuzzier feel.

    I tried to connect to my twitter, but it locked up and died. :-(

  2. Yes on the fuzzy. I may have to experiment with darker pencils and marker together to create some sort of hybrid fuzzy.

    I just tried Twitter and it worked okay. I’m using Mozilla Firefox 14.0.1 if that makes a difference for you. Maybe trying logging out of and back into Twitter on twitter.com proper and see if it helps. Hopefully it was just a hiccup.

    • I look forward to your results from your drawing LAborRAtorEEEE. Your experiments are always a vizual pleazure. (best Peter Lorre I can muster)

      I’ll try again on the Twitter. It may be me. Due to financial constraints I am locked into the previous version of Firefox because my MAC it older and cannot be upgraded any further. :-( one day there will be money.

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