heat lion

     Here’s my heat lion again.  Seems fitting that I’m doing the repost in the midst of the worst heat we’ve had so far this summer.  Ice packs and Gatorade, ice packs and Gatorade.

     Oh yeah, the little contest I originally had for this still applies:  Be the first to comment and correctly point out the semi-hidden penis in this drawing and you’ll received an 8.5″ x 11″ photo-quality signed print of your choice of any artwork displayed on my blog.  No one took advantage of this the first time around so the contest is still wide open to anyone!

7 thoughts on “heat lion

  1. wicked awesome, it reminds me a bit of the monster that lived in the box in stephen king’s Creepshow movie. love the colour…and the phallus that i can’t yet see but probably will after staring at this for a while like a Where’s Waldo book…holy shit i think i just found it on the right hand side..and it’s facing the right side as well, in the white area? is that right? cause if not i just totally made up a penis image where there might not have been one. oh well…haha

    • Thanks! Yeah, I guess he does bear a resemblance. Especially with the shaggy, fuzzy hair.

      As for your penis guess, you’re a little off but you can keep guessing if you want. To throw a hint your way, one of the three criteria you mentioned is correct.

      • i’ve been staring at it for a long while now still no other wang image appears…grr, i will see it, i will!

  2. Hooray for hidden (and not so hidden) penises! I am LOVING that background. It dances and wiggles and sings! This one has such an intense surreality to it. It reminds of of one of the surrealists…I think Paul Klee? I think he may be more expressionist / cubist. This is kind of his stuff on steroids! :-) I just FEEL the destructive heat in this piece! also—I’m with Stacia – I see four penises here.

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