is it dry yet and an apology

     First of all, I would like to thank everyone for the kind comments, emails and all-around supportive advice.  You guys rule : )  Second, I’d like to offer a bit of an apology for freaking out a little.  It was late, I was trying to relax a bit and post some freakin’ art and then I get the “oh noes, boobies and penises are bad!” thing from Picasa and it just pissed me off.

     Aaaanyway, here’s what I was trying to post the other night (didn’t have to accept the terms of “service” this time for some reason)::

     As you can tell, I was working rather wet and laying the paint on thick and messy.  I thought to myself when I was done that this would take a while to dry so I let it sit for days but its wet appearance never really went away:
  …and I’m still thinking, “Is it dry yet?” and that there’s moisture trapped under there.  Like if I just carefully used an xacto knife or a razor blade wet paint would start running out!  I guess this is just the nature of acrylic when you really glob it on.

     Thanks again for all the suggestions and advice.  I’ll be looking into all the possibilities.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll find a much better place to call home than Blogger.

blood flood and a commission

      This is the flip side of this guy and you might even say it could be the remains of one of his victims.  Not sure, really.  I just know there’s a lot of violence to be had in my artwork.  To be honest, my first thought about this bloody mess was that it was the remains of somebody who’d been eaten by some great beast or monster and this is what it spat out when it was done.  You can’t eat the bones but they sure do add flavor, don’t they?

     In other news, I’ve received a request for a commission and I’ve decided to go through with it to see how it feels.  Wish me luck!