bloody teeth and Neil Diamond

     Been wanting to post this guy ever since I finished him but I can get REALLY distracted and lazy sometimes.  Anyway, here he is for your viewing pleasure.  As I recall, this was one from a batch of red eye pieces I cranked out while still buzzed from wine with dinner and jamming out to some old Neil Diamond (the really good shit:  Hot August Night, BBC Top of the Pops and Gold).  Man, what a crazy epic night that was.  I was so full of energy and just plain fearless!  Paint was flyin’ and guys like this were appearing before me.  Sigh.  I miss those days…

     Feh, I guess you can’t always be inspired and happy in your work.  Gotta have some malaise to make you appreciate the good times I guess.

5 thoughts on “bloody teeth and Neil Diamond

  1. I've got a drinking problem. Problem is I haven't been drinking hardly any! So my blog has no doubt suffered from regrettable mistakes in movie watching and also insane blog posts. Everytime I drink I just get so tired and fall asleep far too early. Perhaps I should plug some Bailey's into my coffee when I'm staying up late. HHHMMM….

    Anyway, I really like this one because even though this is a pretty sweet skull I like taht none of the lines and pieces that make up the whole touch each other. Like this could be the overhead view of a wicked awesome hedgemaze.

    And that black spot with the red dot in it bothers me. Not in a bad way just a frustratingly curious way. I don't know what it is and I think I know what it is but no anwers are presenting themselves!

    • Thanks! And 'tis true the liberating effect of alcohol but you have to get the right combination of factors or (like you mentioned) it can just knock your ass out.

      I promise when I become filthy rich that I will have several wicked awesome Fuzzy Skeletonian hedgemazes on my property!

  2. Sounds like you just need to drink wine more often. Problem solved.

    Love the eyes on this guy. And contrary to Mr. G., I zeroed in on that random dot and rather like it there. It's like a beauty mark.

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