disruption of creation


     Figured it was about time to post another one of my fuzzy minions.  His head still seems to be in the process of attaching itself, as the cloud of fuzzy connective tissue begins to coalesce.  I have the impulse to grab this guy by his soft-looking esophagus-spine and just shake the shit out of him, never giving his head the chance to fully connect.  Would be interesting to see what happens.  What might be the fate of someone who interrupts the creation of a Fuzzy Skeletonian?

4 thoughts on “disruption of creation

  1. at first I was like, this guy looks like he just won the lottery. But now I see what you mean with the neck.

    Also, everything seems brushed back like a strong wind is blowing his way and he's holding on, trying not to be blown away.

    • Heh, maybe it's as simple as that. Just your basic wish fulfillment fantasy of getting a silly grin on your face after having a little too much fun with your pants off : D

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