insane brother twins

     Thought I’d have myself a Monday-Palooza-Ganza and post two images at once!  Aw yeah!  This crazy train is flyin’ right off the fuckin’ rails, man!!  I’m outta control!!!

     Seriously though, this is vaguely special in the regard that you wouldn’t normally see these two images side by side, as they are each painted on the opposite side of the same piece of watercolor paper.  However, through the magic of technology, here they are; a couple of dirty, bloody, twisted brother skulls in a kind of metaphysical emotional turmoil and insanity.  They share the same plane of existence, the same space, no doubt some of the same pigments, yet they’ve never seen each other face to face.  A pair of conjoined twins who are strangers to each other.

4 thoughts on “insane brother twins

  1. I'm freakin out man. I'm SEEING people in their eyes. The top guy, left eye: Chick from Psycho…if she were a demon. Right eye: Dick Miller looking to the right.

    Bottom guy, left eye: chick sunbathing. right eye: not a person. Some kind of planet being sucked into a nothingness void.

    Dear god. You are a prophet telling us the end is near. I'd run but there's nowhere I can go!

  2. Actually I lied. Top left is not the chick from Psycho, I was thinking of Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby. If SHE were a demon. (Google image search rosemary's baby and look at one with her holding a knife. Tell me you don't see that.)

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