feathery anger

     This guy really stopped me today when I was trying to figure out what I was going to post next.  His eyes ended up being pretty dramatic.  That combined with the overall fuzzy/feathery look seemed like a bit of a departure from what I normally end up creating with a black marker.  In fact, this almost crossed the line from fuzzy to feathery skeletonian.  I think that was mainly due to the fact I was using my india ink brush pens.  They have much less friction with the paper than a Sharpie and I end up with softer lines.

     In other news, I found myself getting into a shouting match with a co-worker last week.  I won’t bore you with the details but I guess I should have seen something like this coming.  The source material for my new header image was created before the incident and should’ve served as a warning to me to watch my temper but I figured it was all a part of my artistic expression of late and I thought nothing of it.  What a way to start the year : P  Oh well, live and learn I guess.

6 thoughts on “feathery anger

  1. I am enjoying the soft and very lyrical quality in this one. It looks like the fuzzyskel is disintegrating into music or wind. Perhaps more Fuzzy than Skeletonian? I am really enjoying your mark making here.

    Sorry to hear of your shouting match with your coworker, although I am enjoying your power scream header. 2012 – in with a bang? Mine has been lots of running around and last minute schedule rearranging with a settling sense of dysphoria and depression.

  2. This guy seems to be imploding, and the look of his eye looks like a trigger, you seem to have captured the “SNAP” of a person whom has remained calm for far too long and then BAM! Header Rage.

    Kinda like in Lampoon's Vacation when Chevy Chase loses it. He's all calm and takes everything bad that happens with a smile but there's just one small incident that throws him over the edge.

  3. Jesse: Thanks. While I'm not 100% comfortable with my brush markers yet I do like the different directions they take me in. I hope you're year calms down soon. I can relate to the malaise that a hectic schedule can bring.

    Gable: Dang, man. Your uncanny intuition strikes again! The co-worker in question is someone who has been getting increasingly on my bad side for years and years. The phrase “remained calm for far too long” fits this situation very well. And it's a good thing I didn't have a BB gun like Chevy or I would be SO fired right now!

  4. That sucks about your coworker but hopefully having got it out will ultimately prove to have been helpful for you. Except you'll still hate your job, unfortunately.

    Diggin the feathers! Happy New Year!

    Oh, and please take CC up on her offer for a tarot reading. I did it this week via phone, and it was very interesting. She is very thorough.

  5. Actually, the whole coworker thing took a big turn for the better. Other people are starting to stand up to him now and otherwise speak up about their dislike of him. I think I may have started something positive. The man has strutted around the workplace for years and years now acting like he's hot shit and treating everyone like they're beneath him. Enough is enough I say.

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