crawling skitter nom


     Here’s my latest dry erase effort.  He seems to be crawling across the floor like a cheap special effect.  He’s all like, “skitter skitter skitter nom nom nom” until the the batteries in the remote control car underneath him run out of juice.

     Meh, kinda in a low key mood tonight.  Looking forward to having the next two weekends off.  A little rest and normality is a good thing.  Take it easy peeps, you guys rule.

2 thoughts on “crawling skitter nom

  1. To me this one feels more like it lost a fight. Like, it was battling one of your more brutal skellies and it got decapitated and that badass skellie threw this ones head across the room and this picture immortalizes that defeat. Just look at his eyes, he's all like FFFFUUUUU!!!

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