allies amidst the bleakness

     The background on this one turned out much more pale and bleak than most of my other Red Eye paintings.  Bleakness seems to be in the air lately.  It’s almost as if everyone unconsciously believes the world will end this year.  I hope it does.  Humanity could use a big death and rebirth right about now.  A casting away of old habits, a blowing off of steam and a time to relax and get reacquainted with our true selves.  Just one big time-out to rest and reflect.

     Anyway, musings on humanity aside, the more I look at this painting the more I think it’s a self-portrait.  I identify and sympathize with this guy’s general state of emotion.  I can’t put my finger on it exactly, but I’m right there with him.  I’m his comrade and ally.

2 thoughts on “allies amidst the bleakness

  1. I think the pale color adds emotion to it. Or maybe it just feels that way because you talked about bleakness and that it's a self-portrait. Either way, I like it. I find myself wanting to empathize when I look at it, though I cannot pinpoint why.

  2. For me, the midtone wash texture really sets off the Red Eye image, giving it a quality that isn't present in the ones on a plain white background. Goodstuff! :-) I agree with KickinAss on the empathizing. For me it is almost a comforting feeling.

    I hear ya on the bleak. January was actually the beginning of me basically wallowing in bleakness for about 3 solid months. Thank the powers that Mars is no longer retrograde. This transit beat the crap out of me. I've spent that last month stitching myself back together from scraps. Huggs to Red Eye and to us all.

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