sharing the fear



     Here’s something I’ve been meaning to show you all for a while and one of the reasons I am so into painting right now.  Just look at that dark, murky blackness!  The first time I laid down some thick wet lines like this it really got to me but now it’s something that I’ve grown to love.  There’s just something so mesmerizing about the light reflecting off the wet paint and the fact that all it would take would be just one false move, one sneeze, one over-excited cat jumping up on my table and all of this beautiful liquid fragility would be completely ruined.  Of course, all of this gets lost once it dries and that’s why I finally decided to take a quick snap shot for the sharing and stuff…

     No, I’m not just stalling because I’m afraid of starting on the head and potentially fucking this whole thing up, so don’t even go there!  I’m sharing with you the beauty of creation and you should be grateful for this glimpse into my process…  You know what?  I don’t CARE what you think!  I”M SHARING DAMMIT!!1!

4 thoughts on “sharing the fear

  1. When I first saw the thumbnail I thought it was a cake. HAHAHA I was actually hoping you'd drawn on your bday cake or something lol, that'd be awesome.

    But I totally agree, the wet paint looks awesome. I love the light reflecting off of it, it gives it a depth that doesn't exist with dryness.

    While I was looking at this, for some reason candle wax came to mind. Have you ever tried using like a black candle wax as your paint? I don't even know if such a thing is possible, or worth trying.

  2. I've used wax to decorate eggs before so I know it's perfectly usable for painting but for best results you'd want to stick to a rigid surface, as wax would crack and crumble if it's forced to bend after cooling.

    I've also thought of finding some sort of glossy silicone base for my paint so it would retain the wet shine after drying. Perhaps in the future.

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