retreating into the darkness


     This is just a shadow of the vivid image I can imagine of what will hopefully become a full-fledged fuzzy skeletonian.  I can see him in my mind, a fascinating waking nightmare:

     I’m backed into a cave and he’s shambling towards me, a wild look in his eyes, blood spraying and dripping from his mouth as he shakes his head in a frenzy of uncontrollable rage, lust and a kind of disoriented confusion.  He’s fully erect and ejaculating freely as he approaches.  The fuzzy, furry connective tissue between his bones is matted and filthy with an obscene offal of blood, semen, grease and who knows what else.  It’s day time and behind him I can see golden sunlight pouring into the mouth of the cave but I’m retreating into the darkness behind me, trying to be inconspicuous, banking on his confusion to give me an opportunity to slip by undetected and make my escape.

     That’s as far as this scene has progressed in my mind.  I hope to be able to post updates about this developing morbid fantasy as it hopefully continues to evolve into what I hope will be an extremely vivid horrific painting.

4 thoughts on “retreating into the darkness

  1. hmmmm…One last boss fight before the light?

    I love the simplicity of this, the simple stark shapes and high contrast. I am also enjoying your new work beyond the sharpies. (but still – Hooray for sharpies!) I feel the organic nature of the brush and ink go very well with your raw visceral images. :-) Can't wait to see where this vision goes.

  2. I'm curious to see where this project leads as well. It may take a while, as I have a ways to go in mastering technique and precise control over my content. I may have to do this in pieces, perhaps a grid work of smaller images.

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