red eye and the click

     I think I’m starting to click a little.  When I’m first learning most things I’m rather slow and plodding as I get acclimated to the task at hand.  At some point I get to where things seem to “click” and suddenly methods make sense, ideas crystallize and I pick up speed.  Maybe it was just the long weekends in October but I’ve definitely become much more comfortable with painting even if it can’t be accurately described as a full-on “click.”

     What you see above is what I’m happy to announce as a new style of mine called Red Eye.  Not that this is the first one I’ve shown you.  I sneaked one in during my OPG, if you recall.  I did a bunch of these this past month and I’m still quite happy to keep on doing them.  I’m pretty hooked at the moment : )  Really enjoying the mostly unconnected brush strokes.

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