precious energy



     Well, work is slammin’ me again.  I’m in the middle of a 13 day week and it SUUUUUUUCKS!  You know, I don’t ask for too much from life.  I mean, seriously, is having my weekends free without having to burn valuable vacation days that hard to achieve!?

     Anyway, I apologize if I’ve been aloof, flat, absent or otherwise not my usual self lately.  Hopefully, I’ll be back to my usual shenanigans as the holiday breaks restore my precious precious energy.

5 thoughts on “precious energy

  1. I can about imagine that this piece is an accurate portrayal of working a 13 day workweek. Fists (and penis) smashed against your temples, shouting incoherently to no one, looking over at the lamp that is laughing at you.

    And that fuzziness off to the left is your soul being sucked away piece by piece.

  2. HUGS from a fellow absentee. Finally finished up my move and all its detritus. Can't imagine a 13 day week even when I was employed. :-O Crunchy stress is always the worst. Enjoying the yellow spiral in he eyes and the fuzzy feather planarians on the left. May your precious energy return sooner rather than later.

  3. Gable: Man, I WISH I was on the edge of insanity, wielding a shotgun, trying to kill my own disembodied, possessed hand. At least THAT would be much more interesting than all this work!

    Jesse: Thanks :) And I'm glad the move is finally complete. Nothing worse than having all of your stuff spread out between two locations.

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