red eyes

     If this guy looks familiar, there’s a reason.  He used to look like this before I Herman Munstered him up with all the green.  Also, that chunky looking red in the eyes is plain old Crayola watercolor.  Yes, the dry ovals of pigment that you can buy in the school supplies section of any grocery store.  I know, right?  They’ve become a staple for my paintings of late, as the chunkiness works really well for my wet/dry sandwich paintings, but I digress.

     At first I had reservations at the thought of changing the simple thick, dark lines of the original brush work but I just couldn’t resist the urge to fill in those eyes with red and pull some of the black around them into the center to create the effect you see now.  I really love manipulating the swirls in wet paint!  All in all, I think I developed this guy into something more than he was before.

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