happy accidents and goofy skellies


     These two ended up being an awkward pair of companion pieces when one of my wet/dry sandwiches went awry.  The face didn’t transfer over to the other side, as I had used up all of my first batch of chunky, Crayola slurry prior to starting on this venture.  While I think the face side turned out pretty well, the other side ended up being more of a background than a finished work so I took the hint and painted my goofy, bad-day skellie on top of it.  Ended up being a learning experience and the first time I created a background before the main subject of the work.

3 thoughts on “happy accidents and goofy skellies

  1. I like the second one A LOT. I've never said this before but I've always thought a lot of your skellies could use some background. They are so epic and it would be intriguing to see what kind of universes these creations live in. The Skellieverse.

    Then we make a comic book and then we do a crossover with Marvel. That would rule. HAHAHAA

  2. Gable: The Skellieverse is still brewing in my head. Well have to wait and see what the future holds! : )

    Katn: Thanks, the blood turned out pretty well I thought. Always plenty of evil in a bloody villain.

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