psycho squirrel


     Drawn shortly after heat tumor, I got half way through this and just stopped.  At the time it just looked stupid, like some dumbass squirrel or chipmunk or something.  Today, I was leafing through my sketchbook and I suddenly saw the humor in it.  So here he is:  Psycho Squirrel, off his meds, with a can of gas in one hand and a book of matches in the other.  You better hope your home owners insurance is paid up.

5 thoughts on “psycho squirrel

  1. I'm trying to see if I can find some subliminality going on here…perhaps the summer heat had something to do with it? Like it's leaving you behind and your shouting at it, “MUWAHAHA I WON SUMMER! YOU'LL NEVER GET ME DOWN! HAHAHAHAHA”

    Or perhaps you were smoking and threw the cigarette and accidently lit a squirrel on fire and this is your way of coping.

    Either way….awesome.

  2. My house is surrounded by several large oaks so I am generally eat up with squirrels. LOL. One psycho Squirrel I can run from. But if it is contagious. EEP!

    I really like the idea of him with a gas can and matches. I feel like Psycho Squirrel could have his own show. We see Peggy and Hank Hill at home on a lazy Saturday afternoon, when suddenly…WOOOOSH!

  3. Thanks everyone!

    Also, the thought of Hank Hill's prim and proper little house suddenly going up in flames is DELICIOUS. As long as Peggy and Bobby weren't in there. If Hank survived, I'd like to see Psycho Squirrel take it to the next level and have himself a little Hank Hunt, ending with some Hank BBQ! : >

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