bloody eyes

     Here’s more watercolor experimentation.  I seem to be enjoying the thick lines lately.  With this one I tried to make the eyes all swirly, swampy, murky, bloody.  They looked A LOT better when wet, but then again most things do.  Enjoy.

4 thoughts on “bloody eyes

  1. I was reading this comic called “Johnny the Homicidal Maniac” where this guy goes to Johnny's house asking questions for a survey after there was a string of murders in the area. Johnny gives very intelligent and thoughout answers until the guy is all like “Whew, I was really worried coming in here at first but you're actually really cool, there's no way you could have killed that little girl” and Johnny picks up a machete and points it at a wall covered in blood and shouts, “I had no choice! I NEEDED IT! It changes color when it dries!!!!”

    HAHAHAHAHA Your statement there about things looking better when wet reminded me of that.

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