stay tuned

     So lazy and tired this week…  Stay tuned, however, as I’ll have a special announcement after the holiday : )  Have a bitchin’ weekend and I’ll see you next week!

smudges and greed

     Here’s more of my dry erase fuckery.  This was drawn before wavy brain, before I cleaned the board.  You can see the all the smidgy smudges of my fingers.  I also accidentally bumped the board with my cock thumb and smudged the hair a bit when I was positioning this to be photographed.  And I didn’t even bother fixing the smudge.

     Yeah, that about sums up my attitude of late.  I’m just like, “Fuck it, whatever…  I’m tired.”  The heat, the overtime.  I feel like introducing myself to people:  “Hello, I’m Jack and I’m a dull boy.”  At the same time, I also feel like I’m just being precious.  Just upset that I don’t have more free time.   I feel greedy.  I mean, I have time to do my crazy little artworks and blog about them on a regular basis so why am I upset that I don’t have EVEN MORE TIME?  Greed.  Self-indulgent greed.

for the cock lovers


     Behold my swinging organ!  It swings!  It wiggles!  It bounces with each steppy step!  Don’t get too close or it’ll hit you in the eye!  I figure it’s about damn time I posted some COCK for the cock lovers out there.  I’ve been letting the heat and the overtime get to me and I’ve been lax in my artistic responsibilities as a creator of gratuitous, hastily drawn, PORN.

     This was drawn in the classic Sharpie craze style that I’ve so diligently bored you with in the past.  There’s something about a Sharpie that I’m so completely comfortable with.  I think part of its appeal is that it’s got just the right amount of friction as it moves across the page.  Also, the fumes.  Sharpie fumes can’t be fairly described as pleasant but they’re a smell I’ve grown used to.  Sort of an acquired taste.  While drawing, this all comes together in a peculiar way for me.  The fumes, the friction, the slight headache from said fumes.  It’s like I’m huffing the fumes, metaphorically jerking off and drawing all at the same time.  It’s not a healthy relationship but that’s part of what makes it great.  Maybe someday I’ll get to the point where I’m actually jerkin’ it while I’m drawing but who knows.  I’ve drank for three nights in a row now.  Can you tell?

     Anyway, enjoy the cock.  The cock loves you and wants your adorations.