Weekend Fun Time!

(banner courtesy Scary Larry over at Morbidementia)

     Well, we’re at it again!  This weekend is gonna be all kindso fun.  I gots Friday off, I gotsa birthday to celebrate and I’ll be back together with my net buds for the second installment of the Netflix Instant Bad Movie Marathon!  Mi amigo, Mr. Gable has all the details here.  If you didn’t join us last time, you missed out.  Don’t make the same mistake twice!

5 thoughts on “Weekend Fun Time!

  1. I know you guys are probably like, “watching movies on Twitter…lame. Not doing it.” But seriously…I've never laughed so much watching movies ever. Vincent and Stacia are some of the wittiest people alive. Their commentary can't be missed.

    The rest of us hit a homerun every 10-15 posts or so :D

  2. I don't know…Emilio Takes Manhattan was such a great comment. I don't know if I could've conjured up that much WIN.

    We will see what tomorrow brings. I think there's enough fodder to rip on.

  3. Ok, I'm a bit slow and behind on my blog reading. Somehow I missed this post last time I was here, and although I knew your Bday was sometime around now, I didn't realize it was this past weekend. Our birthdays really are close together! Hope you had a kick ass weekend of celebrating yourself. I shall have a few vodka cocktails in your honor this coming weekend to make up for things.

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