Jack-O-Melon 2011!

     Since both 4th of July and Halloween are my two favorite holidays, this year I decided to combine the two by carving me a watermelon and jamming some fireworks in it, like so:

     Now before you say, “Oh no, mister! That was a PUMPKIN!”, watch it one more time and pay special attention to the beginning when I’m lighting it. After the fuse is lit and I move away you can see the brief flash of watermelon green as my flashlight passes over the front of the jack-o-melon.  That brilliant Halloween orange is all from the fireworks, baby!  That was two small fountains called “Tequila Sunrise”.  I’m gonna buy 50 of them next year : >

     Anyway, I hope your 4th was pretty dang awesome and thanks for stopping by, you crazy kids!

6 thoughts on “Jack-O-Melon 2011!

  1. That was beautiful. snif. :-) I would so set myself on fire if I tried that. LOL That was quite fabulous though! A fountain of sparks pouring out of a Jack o Melon…who knew! Good job Sir!

  2. First, I didn't get NEARLY as blasted as I wanted and, second, I tried to make that end with a big bang by putting what I thought was a very large firecracker in there. We ended up watching with our hands over our ears, ready for the explosion but it never came. The fuse on the “firecracker” didn't light and when I did get it lit it turned out to be a bundle of lame mini-firecrackers, issuing a bunch of tiny, little pop-pop-pops.

    Thinking about it now though, I'm glad my initial plan didn't work. If that had blown up while those fountains were still going off (possibly blowing them in one of our faces) then I we would have had ALL KINDS OF TROUBLE containing our excitement!

  3. I'm glad you got video of this. I ended up being so freaked out because the next door neighbors went to bed before 10 PM and our fireworks were loud and kind of, uhm, landing on their roof that I couldn't enjoy it. I don't even remember most of our fireworks. :(

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