heat tumor

     I was leafing through some of my recent works, trying to decide what to post next, and this one jumped out at me.  I immediately showed it to my wife (who’s been having a bit of trouble tolerating the heat lately) to show her that she’s not alone.  Yeesh, the summer heat malaise is in full swing, init?  She remarked that at least my hairy heat sufferer above had a flower in their hair.  I prefer to think of it as kind of a “heat tumor”, if you will.  A bright swirly orb of pain, much like the July sun here in Kansas.

     Heh, considering these recurring red and orange backgrounds, I might be on the verge of a new series/style.  Maybe I’ll call it heat stroke in keeping with the bodily ailment theme that I started with nose bleed.  We’ll see.

3 thoughts on “heat tumor

  1. The heat is so much it has begun to break down the identity of the face which has imploded to make room for the tumor. :-o How did you know how I felt this past week? :-)

    Yes this heat is friggin miserable! I don't remember last summer being so miserable. I have no AC in my truck. I like sweating. Reaaaalllly I do. LOL Cool breezes to you. :-)

  2. This one is a little disturbing to me. Not sure why. I think the title “heat tumor” set the tone.

    For fuck's sake THIS HEAT. We're having a 24-hour “break” (low 90s), then by friday closer to 100 where it will remain until at least Tuesday. With probably 75% humidity. I'm gonna be a real bitch for about a week. Watch out, world.

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