hot and cold

     I’ve been diggin’ on these red and orange backgrounds lately.  Or perhaps they are just a product of my hatred of summer.  Can you fucking believe it’s summer already?  THE YEAR IS ALREADY HALF OVER!  Where does the time go?  Oi, no matter.  At least the best half of the year is ahead of us now.  We’ll get to see the demise of summer, the rise of fall and finally the sweet, sweet cooling of my molecules that winter brings.  I love the cold.  If it never got above 50 degrees again I would be just pleased as punch.  Just need to keep my head down and get through this heat as best I can.  Stay cool, peeps.

5 thoughts on “hot and cold

  1. lol, that was my first thought when I saw the thumbnail for this: This guy is on fire.

    I'm not a big fan of heat but our weather the past few weeks has been 70ish tops so I've been happy with that. I like going outside, but I do enjoy the snow so much. It'll be here before we know it.

  2. I too am diggin on your red and orange backgrounds. :-) The patterning within them gives your drawings an interesting optical vibration. It goes well beside the black and white drawing – doing more than a simple solid color could. The hairy/feathery bits on his neck? make me think of sea coral. Amen on the Heat my Nordic Brother! I melt in a hot wind being the pasty white boy I am.

  3. I am enjoying this one, as it's a bit different from a lot of your stuff. The face is rather Picasso-ish.

    I should not be surprised you share my extreme hatred of Summer. Kindred spirits, we are! I think we were BFFs in another life or something. I just got back from a week in L.A. with no humidity and 70 degrees tops daily. It was delicious. Made it very hard to come home.

  4. Gable: Yes. Snow. Now.

    Campbell: Thanks. Yeah, that vibration almost makes this look like some sort of propaganda poster or political flier.

    Katn: I miss California. I was rooting around on Google Analytics and noticed an increase in hits from California lately (some from L.A. too!). Was that your doing?

  5. Nope, it wasn't me Vinny. I did zero blog reading while I was in Cali. I guess your artwork is starting to attract the masses all over the globe.

    On another note, I will have to google Google Analytics because I have no clue what that is. Also, why can't I see your followers? Or mine? Or several other peoples'? What the hell?!

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