Fuzzy Skeletonian Extreme Mega-Raffle!

     Stacia over at She Blogged By Night is currently holding a fundraising raffle for her BBFF (and my most recent follower) Ivan.  Not a week goes by in our household when I don’t hear humorous news via Stacia from Ivan’s corner of the world.  He’s a great guy and practically a member of the family.  Stacia is offering a $20 Amazon gift card in her raffle.  For my raffle I will be offering the following original art giveaway:

Actual size 5.5″ x 7.5″ on 90lb. watercolor paper and more detailed than what the scan shows.

     Each raffle ticket is $1.00 (i.e. 5 bucks = 5 tickets).  Just make your donation below or on my sidebar.  All donations made on my blog will be credited to my PayPal account so we can keep the raffle items separate.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please keep in mind there are two raffles going on here with two different prizes.  Please make sure you are entering the correct raffle.  If you wish to enter both raffles it will require a minimum donation of $2.00 ($1.00 for each raffle) and a note stating you wish to be in both raffles.  If you’re feeling generous please include further instructions as to how you want your donation divided between the two raffles.  Also, both raffles will end on the 15th.

     When my raffle is over all monies will be transferred to Ivan’s PayPal account.  Now, if you’d feel more comfortable making your donation directly to Ivan’s account please do so on his blog (left sidebar) but make sure you clearly communicate that you’re entering the Fuzzy Skeletonian giveaway otherwise you’ll be entered into the Amazon Gift Card raffle.  Lastly, if you win my raffle you will have to supply me with a street address I can mail your prize to.  Please email me if you have any questions.


     So toss a few bucks Ivan’s way and help the man continue his insightful and entertaining perspectives into The Thrilling Days of Yesteryear!!

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