Can Uwe Boll direct his way out of a wet paper sack?  Do the mentally impaired make good zombies?  Can Lou Ferrigno throw a bear into orbit?  The answers to these questions and more will all be revealed during the Netflix Instant Bad Movie Twitterthon!  I’ve officially got the weekend free and I will be geeking it up this Saturday night with my bestest net buddies as we all try to endure a marathon of some hand-picked, rust-proof, quality-free movies!  And the best part is:  YOU’RE INVITED!!

     So cancel that hot date, skip out on that sex and drugs party, sell those tickets to the theater.  Instead grab yourself some booze, energy drinks, lots o’ pizza and log on to The Internet and embrace the goodness of bad movies.  You know you want to!

4 thoughts on “BEARS… IN… SPAAAAAACE!!!

  1. That bear rules! It's like that quick “UH OH” moment movie characters have just before they explode. HAHAHAHA SATURDAY IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!

    Everyone else, let us know if you're doing this so we can follow you too!

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