torso man and a moment of clarity

Torso Man, the very first Fuzzy Skeletonian.
Sharpie marker on 65lb. paper, completed 2003

     Thought I’d revisit Torso Man with a fresh scan in celebration of making Vincent’s Handmade Art your official home of the Fuzzy Skeletonian!

     I know this may not seem like a big revelation to the casual observer but I recently had a moment of artistic clarity.  Simply put:  I want to be known as that Fuzzy Skeletonian guy.   Hence the change in header and blog description.  That’s all I really wanted to say.  Just wanted to throw that out there, let it gel for a while and see what develops.

     Have a great week!

2 thoughts on “torso man and a moment of clarity

  1. To me this has always been, and always will be, the official homestead of the fuzzy skellies, although I like that you're making it official. I also like seeing some different works in the header. That skewered skellie up there really catches the eye.


    Skull Fucks Unite! This is a red letter date in the history of the internet. Fuzzy Skellies are here to stay.

    Thank you Vincent. I love these things.

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