noseless confusion

     Yeah, I know!  What the hell is this!?  You’d figure I’d be all fuzzy skeletonian up in your ass right now.  Well, the truth is I’ve been taking it easy this week, recovering from my latest illness.  I’m at about 95%.  Still clearing phlegm.  You totally needed to know that.

     Aaaaanyway, here’s more nose bleed stuff.  Done in between feather stare and volcano brain this drawing gave me a little trouble while I was scanning it.  Not in the technical fuck you fucking fuck I hate you computer software mangling my artwork gonna kill you in your sleep kind of way.  It was more in the drawing a blank can’t think of what to name the filename sort of way.  Usually, I can rattle off a quick filename that clicks (i.e. blood drool, hungry head, brain fire) but this time I just stared at this thing and totally drew a blank.  Sure he’s got uneven eyes, bloody teeth and what looks like a very excited brain but none of those clicked in my head as the right name.  I got so stuck and confused that I asked my wife what she saw in this and she pointed out that he has no nose and the rest is history.  Yeesh, that was a long explanation.  Kudos to you for reading this far!

     Okay, I’m done for the day.  Hey, head on over to Mr. Gable’s Reality today.  He’s got some exciting news!

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