go plank yourself!

     I was making my regular visit to Cup3Tint3 the other day and I got introduced to planking.  Spend a few minutes and take a look.  Take a slow look, look at them all.  Just stare at them for a while.  I’ll wait…

     Now I’ll admit that since I’ve been getting back into my art I have found myself to be a lot more impressionable but after looking at all those people planking can YOU resist the urge to do THIS?

     I wasn’t quite as daring as some but it was the position you get yourself into that interested me.  There’s just something so intriguing about it.  For that moment, you stop, motionless, expressionless and suddenly you’re no longer a complicated human being living in an insane world.  You’re a plank.  A mindless, wood-like THING.  You cease to be complicated and are as simple as a piece of wood, a random pebble or a puddle of water.

      I know it looks absurd but that’s not the way it feels.  Don’t believe me?  Try it!  Go plank yourself and report back.

5 thoughts on “go plank yourself!

  1. Yeah, it's weird. I'd never thought to do this before either but the more I looked at those people doing it the more interested I became. It's a simple little thing you can do to kind of poke fun at reality. Especially when you get as tired of reality as I do.

  2. Vincent this is brilliant. Why not plank? I love it. I will be planking today because to be honest I'm bored as shit with my life and planking seems as good a thing to do as anything. Bravo!

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